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Wrap Kit Co. - GIVE TWICE!

Here at Wrap Kit Co. we make Gift Wrapping Kit’s which contain your tools for taking gift wrapping to another, more fabulous level. Each Wrap Kit contains your choice of multi-purpose Fabric Gift Wrap from our Flora Nova range, a gift-card and card clip for attaching to your wrapped present, a sprinkling of Flora Nova confetti for that extra special touch, and the Wrap Kit Co. Guide to Fabulous Wrapping, your step-by-step guide to tying your very own Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrap.

Flora Nova SS14/15 is a range of Fabric Gift Wrap based around Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese technique of using cloth to transport meals, carry shopping, and in our case, wrap thoughtful presents. In this tradition, every Wrap Kit Co. Fabric Gift Wrap is designed with many functional purposes in mind. Weather styling your outfit as a lightweight summer scarf, decorating your home as a vibrant linen tea-towel or transporting goodies from the market as a cotton bag, Wrap Kit Co. Fabric Gift Wrap just keeps on giving!

We also love sharing and discussing styling ideas through our Blog, Instagram and Facebook accounts, so make sure to pop in for daily updates. We simply can’t get enough of experimenting with our products across our home, wardrobe and most importantly our gifting occasions and would love for you to do the same. We invite you warmly into our growing gifting community and look forward to seeing your photos, discussing your styling ideas and answering any questions you may have.

Wrap Kit Co. envisions a Christmas where every present under your tree is wrapped using Fabric Gift Wrap. A Christmas where a sea of disposable paper wrapping is no more! We envision birthday’s, anniversary’s, christening’s, graduation’s, all manner of occasions, where your thoughtful gift is wrapped using something your friends and loved ones can re-purpose.

Fabric Gift Wrap has the potential to be re-gifted and re-used many times over. A single piece of cloth, travelling from person to person, occasion to occasion, signposting joyful moments and collecting precious memories along the way. Now that’s giving twice!

- Love the Wrap Kit Co. team